How others benefitted from a purpose cultivation and the Purpose Framework

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The coaching approach of the "mypurpose academy" is very special. With other coaching offers, the focus is often on a selected topic, which is then worked on. This has absolutely its justification and has repeatedly been very useful to me in the past. “” takes a very broad approach and includes topics such as habits and physical fitness in order to work towards the previously worked out goal. It is definitely worth the effort for the knowledge gained!

Dr. Daniel Opoku


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As a speaker and director of a non-profit organisation, it is crucial for me to live a purpose driven life. I have benefited a lot from the purpose academy. With its incredible practical tools and insights, it helped me to regain focus and gain new clarity. I can honestly say that I am more passionate about living my purpose on a daily basis than before.

Anna Kaufmann


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A year ago I was stuck: My job was fine, but did not bring fulfillment and I was happy for every holiday I had to recover myself from everyday-life. I had bought a house to get a base in life, but that house felt more like a burden than we could enjoy it. The Purpose Framework has helped me reframe the purpose for my job, sell the house, change my lifestyle with living in my purpose so that I do not need to recover from my everyday life anymore.

Milan Hoffmann


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About me

Manaén Yosef Stürenberg Herrera

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My name is Mana.

I am a trained sociologist (M.Sc., with a specialisation on quantitative science), entrepreneur, and husband. I believe that purpose is the key to a fulfilled life. However, many people struggle to cultivate their purpose. My mission is to help pentrepreneurs – ambitious founders and young professionals – cultivate their purpose to maximise their effectiveness, so that they make meaningful contributions towards a better future for us all.